Sunday, May 27, 2007

Someday We'll All Be Together

Written by Dina Storch
Performed by Mordechai Ben David on JEP

We learned in a dark frigid cellar
Alone just a small group of men
When in rushed the soldiers
and led them all away
The flame of Torah flickered on that day

So many tears, so much sorrow
The pain has lasted thousands of years
but soon we'll stop crying
the cruelty will end
and Melech HaMoshiach will be sent

Someday we will all be together
Someday we'll be sheltered and warm
Never will we have to express any fear
Our scars and our wounds will disappear

Avraham and Yitzchok will be there to greet us
Yaakov and his sons will stand by and smile
Moshe Rabbeinu will lead us once again
in Yerushalayim - B'Ezras Hashem

We learn every day and we daven
We ask Hashem please bring those old times back
We all know that you're listening
of course we know it's true
For I've received the promise and so have you

That Hashem will lead us out of this galus
It won't be too much longer you know why
and then together we're all going to daven
Together we're all going to sing
We're going to praise and thank you Hashem for everything


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