Sunday, November 5, 2017

One of a Kind, 8th Day

One of a Kind
From Slow Down
8th Day
Shmuli and Bentzi Marcus

My parents left me at the gate with goodbye
Just a kid I had to get by
Turnstile jumpers I found boys with no shoes
They had a plan I just couldn’t refuse

Crammed in the back we were hidden from view
With no tickets that’s just what you do
But when the cop came and he asked me my name
He told me son it’s time to change your game

You’ve got a first class ticket on the road to success
Why are you in the back trying to be like the rest
Oh you’re the one I was trying to find
You’re the one, you’re one of a kind

Hearts are racing as you take to the sky
In the city you need to get by
Fools and jokers I found boys with no clues
They’ll have a plan but you gotta refuse

Cards in a stack the world is open to you
Those birds of freedom they do what they do
But glass it shatters and they’re looking to blame
The time has come I need to change my game

You’ve got a first class ticket on the road to success
Why are you in the back trying to be like the rest
Oh you’re the one I was trying to find
You’re the one, you’re one of a kind

You’ve got a first class ticket so show me your best
Why fool around trying to be like the rest
Oh you’re the one I was trying to find
You’re the one, you’re one of a kind

Sunday, April 2, 2017

"When" from Miami Boys Choir


Miami Boys Choir
Album: It's Min Hashomayim

See our world it's torn apart
boldness has replaced the heart
Each and every day we feel the strain
Lives are filled with emptiness
Living dreams so meaningless
Where's the goal we hoped we would attain?

When? When?
When will the Galus end?
When? Oh, When?
When will Your throne descend?
How will the good succeed?
Can we all be reprieved?
How we long to see Your glory once again

We ask, When? When?
When will these days appear?
Maybe then, only then
the truth will become so clear
the world will be always bright
with darkness replaced by light
how we hope to change our story

Where are our peaceful days?
In that place Kedusha reigns
May the deeds of Avos be our plea
Standing for what we believe
Endless years we've had to grieve
May our Zechus from those join history….

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hineni Title Track Mordechai Ben David MBD Jewish Music Lyrics

Hineni is one of MBD's first albums. This song is classic. 

I found these producer's notes for the album on
Liner notes for MBD Hineni We live in a time when directness of emotion and resourcefulness of imagination are primary to sustain success. The entertainer who emerges and survives must have great depth and venturesome to further develop his potential and to continue to absorb new sounds and experiences. Mordechai Ben David, endowed with and exceptionally talented voice, has already captivated many audiences in the States and in Israel. He is gifted with the ability to inspire his listeners, possessing the unique capacity to convey the emotional feelings inherent in the words and melodies of his selections. He already ranks as one of the greatest singers in Jewish Music today, and continues on his successful road to stardom. The Neginah has a record of outstanding achievement and popularity in a remarkably short period of time , and shows infinite promise for the future. Yisroel Lamm, Neginah\'s conductor and director, is considered to be one of the most imaginative and creative people in Chassidic Music of today. Together with Yitzchok Gross, Neginah\'s very dynamic and capable production manager, he has been able to produce some of the greatest musical masterpieces of our time.

Here's the song:

A dark cloud of despair surrounds your heart
Disillusion with life your face imparts
You are wandering in a world of confusion
Reality is hidden behind the web of illusion.

So my brothers put your faith in the Above
Say "Hineni," I am ready to serve you with love.

The truth lies at the end of a forest dense
Your heart is your compass your spiritual sense
Let it lead you along the right road
And let the words of the Torah be your navigational code.

Our father Abraham was called by G-D to sacrifice his son
With the cry of Hineni the deed was done
Now what will become of our father's devotion
If we won’t say Hineni in our every emotion

Our forefathers smiled as they died in peace
But the cries they began will never cease
The words they cried shook the heavens above

They said Hineni, we are here with love

Neshama / Soul Title Track Mordechai Ben David MBD Jewish Music Lyrics

From one of MBD's first albums. Classic. 

I think he says "tundreds of sand" but i can't find a dictionary that has heard of the word Tundred. 

Here's a blurb for the Album that I found on
Liner Notes for MBD Neshama - Soul Mordechai Ben David is a child of a glorious musical tradition. His father, Cantor David Werdyger, is the world’s foremost interpreter of the famous music of Ger, Poland’s largest Chassidic center. Cantor Werdyger was an authentic wunderkind, of pre-war Europe. His son is an American original, blending timeless religious motifs with today’s sound. In the past few years, Mordechai has become one of our foremost singers. He has performed before thousands throughout the United States and abroad. After the Yom Kippur War, he was invited to entertain the Israeli troops. With his religious background and his musical talent, he gives us his new album Neshama (soul). The producers of this album bring you the very best. Tap your feet to such lively tuned as Al Hanisim the sit back and let Mordechai stir your soul with his Vaani Tefilati.

Here's the song

A stranger adrift in an unfriendly land
Of mountains, tundras of sand
To enrich and enliven this wasteland is his goal
His name is Neshama, soul

From a mountain came a gift of the only true life
Sinai now stands for bloodshed and strife
When rifles fall silent and tanks cease to roll
The victor will then be the soul

Blackened and charred like a synagogue burned
Lies a tank lifeless and overturned
Four heroes within snuffed out like a coal
But forever and ever and ever alive is the soul

You're Never Alone Avraham Fried Holyland's Greatest Hits Jewish Music Lyrics

This song originally appeared on a record called Holyland's Greatest Hits. Holyland being the late Jewish record distributor. You can now find it on a CD called Avraham Fried & Holyland's Greatest Hits, distributed by Sameach Music. Songs composed by Yossi Green. Fried sings it a lot at concerts. Nice song. 

You're Never Alone - Avraham Fried

Sometimes when you're feeling all alone
You need some happiness to call your own
Nothing is going the way it should
You're trying to do the best you could

Lift up your eyes to the skies
Your life's in His hands, trust in Him, He will reply
Guiding all your steps always at your side
You are His joy and pride

And don't you know you're never alone
It doesn't matter where you are
There's nothing in His eyes more special than you
Wherever you go Hashem goes with you 

Colored Candles from Destiny Volume 1 Eli Nathan Jewish Music Lyrics Chanukah Song

From his block of rolling lawns and fancy cars
He was so proud that he'd come so far
With the greatest of ease, he moved through high society
That grocer’s boy from the city streets

Well he’d long since gone and changed his name
It was the only way that he could play the game
With the neighbors like the Richardsons, the Williams and the Jones,

 What could he do with a name like Cohen

But he had one memory,
Yes his father he did see
Lighting colored candles on the window sill
Eight days a year he'd light
Another candle every night
It lingered in his memory still

In December came home from school his little girl called Sue
She held a picture of an x-mas tree she drew
All the kids in my class have one she said with a tear,
And could we have one in our home this year

He didn't know what to do
With his little daughter Sue
Although her desires he wished to fulfill
"My dear Sue listen to me,
There's something better than a tree,
It lingers in my memory still"

The next day he came home from work with a menorah in his hand
His dear wife said to him "Joe! I just don’t understand,
We've worked so hard to get to where we are today,
And now what will we do? What will the neighbors say?

But he light those candles anyway, yes there were 5 that night
And from his window to the street glowed the candle light
They were burning for an hour maybe a little more
When suddenly Mr. Richardson stood there by the door

He said would it be ok if a word to you I’d say
There's something about those candles you must know
Yes they bring back memories, of my father I still see
As he light those candles many years ago

He stepped outside on that night and boy was he surprised!
He couldn't believe what he saw he couldn't believe his eyes
From all the houses on the block glowed candle light
From their window sills and out unto the night

Yes they had one memory
Yes their father's they did see
Lighting colored candles on the window sill
Eight days a year they'd light
Another candle every night
It lingered in their memory still 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Benny Friedman Yesh Tikvah Pesach Tour Hottest Song in Jewish Music Video

. Benny Friedman singing the hottest song in Jewish music right now, Yesh Tikvah, at a variety of concerts across New York and Florida during Pesach 5773/2013. He's so human, it's uncanny.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yiddish Country 8th Day Shmuli and Bentzy Marcus Jewish music Lyrics Video

Yiddish Country - Chasing Prophecy
Eighth Day

(In the video, they sang it a bit different, with some other lyrics. Don't let it bother you).

A pile of bills, old cheap thrills
Working late night at the old stone mill
These cars and lies, French ‘n fries
What do you see if you close your eyes?

New boots on the floor, sign on the door
Don’t want to see you come around no more
You got your gold neck ties, sweet pumpkin pie
What do you see on Rodeo Drive?

If there’s a who, there’s a why
There’s a we, there’s a way
I call that raison d’ĂȘtre (reason for existence)
If there’s a who, there’s a why
There’s a we, there’s a way
I can hear the sages say 
If there’s a who, there’s a why
There’s a we, there’s a way
Make it happen all today
If there’s a who, there’s a why
There’s a we, there’s a way
A little bit is still okay

Di vos villen heren, heren (those who wish to hear, hear)
Di vos villen zen, zen (those who wish to see, see)
Di vos kenen kenen, kenen (those who are able, are able)
Men darf nor vissen ver un ven (you only need to know who and when)

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Challah Lady from Album Yanky and Shabbos by Yitzy Erps

The Challah Lady

There's a wealthy lady
Who lives in my neighborhood
She has a cook to stock every shelf
But Wednesday night she yells “Hooray”
And shoos the cooks away
Because she wants to bake the challah herself.

You can tell that baking challah is her pride and joy
It’s a mitzvah she won’t ever shirk
Smells so good that I suppose
That if you follow your nose
You will find the challah lady at work.

And she kneads, kneads, kneads her challah dough
The only thing she needs is challah dough

Now this challah lady had a dinner to attend
With the wealthiest people in town
“Well if you want to attend,”
Said her fine and fancy friend
“Then you need, you need, you need a new gown.”

But the store would only sell the gowns on Wednesday night
The challah lady said, “I cannot go
I’ll put some new lace on my wrist
To give the old gown a new twist
Like the twist I give to my challah dough.”

Now the challah lady went to visit Dr. Smith,
And he told her she had to lose weight.
He said, “Here’s a nice surprise
There’s a class in exercise
For the ladies every Wednesday at eight.”

Now the challah lady said, “I just cannot come
But you say I am heavy so
I’ll just have to put more might
Into kneading Wednesday night
So that I’ll be as light as my dough.”

It was summer, and the air conditioner broke down
It was a hundred degrees in daylight
Said repair man Yerachmiel
“I’ve began a great new deal
I’ll be selling my tools Wednesday night.”

“It’s the only night I’ll fix the air conditioning
Or you’ll wait till I buy new supplies.”
The Challah Lady then did speak
And she said, “I’ll wait a week
While the heat will help my challah dough rise.”

Now the challah lady had a wig of lovely hair
And she wanted it handsomely brushed
But the stylist said she might 
Only do it Wednesday night
But at any other time she’d be rushed.

Now the challah lady said, “I just cannot go
But my sheitel needs setting I know
So I’ll just dye my wig a shade
And I’ll give it a new braid
Like the braid I give to my challah dough.”

Now the challah lady told me why her baking is 
More important than all of these things
It’s because ladies have alone
This mitzvah as their own
And so when she bakes the challah she sings…

Sunday, May 26, 2013

We Are Ready Avraham Fried Title Track Jewish Music Lyrics

We Are Ready
Avraham Fried
Title Track

Once in a kingdom in the sky
There lived a mighty king who loved his nation
Lost below they had wandered far and wide
Searching for a way to return

And watching helplessly he tried
To whisper to their hearts the only answer
It's not a road or a path that you must find
All I need to hear are the words


We are ready, yes, we're ready
So lead us and we'll go
And all the world will know / and let the whole world know
It is done, we are one, and we're ready
Young and old will join us as we sing

It's over, yes, it's over
With all we’ve had to do
We still came shining through
And we know, yes, we know, we are ready
Feel the power of what we can bring

Now that the ending has begun
Now that the time has come to end the story
All the things we have had to do are done
We are ready now to be heard

And so we come to you as one
And standing hand in hand we're growing stronger
Looking now we can see how far we've come
Just believe in us, hear the words

All You Got 8th Day Title Track Shmuli and Bentzy Marcus Jewish Music Lyrics

All You Got
8th Day

Title Track

After one hundred and twenty five years
You go up to heaven you climb all those stairs
They won’t ask you were you wise like Solomon
They won’t ask you were you strong like Samson

They’ll ask just one question
And you give just one answer
It’s the end of the game
And only one thing matters
They’ll say - did you give it all you got

‘Cuz in this life you only have what you got
So give it all you got
In this world we only have what we got
So give it all you got

If you say it’s easy I’ll say it’s not
You gotta give it all you got
If you say it’s not for you I’ll say it’s your lot
You gotta give it all you got

If you say you’re tired I’ll say tick-tock
You gotta give it all you got
You could put my album on the shelf to rot
Just give it all you got

After working so hard and wiping those tears
You look in the mirror you face all your fears
Don’t be a fool trying to be wise like Solomon
Only the weak try to be strong like Samson

I did what I said
I got no one to blame
Only one thing matters
At the end of the game
They’ll say - did you give it all you got

Tatenyu 8th Day Chasing Prophecy Jewish Music Lyrics Shmuli and Bentzy Marcus

8th Day
Chasing Prophecy

Jack grew up in New York City, on the plaza with a view
His parents were screaming Harvard,
But he was just looking for You
He came by for a Shabbos, we stayed up way past 2
We spoke about a life of meaning,
‘Cuz he was just looking for You

M’zuch nisht Dine Olam Haboh (we aren't looking for your Olam Haboh)
M’zucht nisht Dine Gan Eden (we aren't looking for your Gen Eden)
M’vil nisht chappen Dineh Malochim (we don't want to catch Your angels)
M’zucht nor Dich alein (we are only looking for YOU)
Not looking for your Heaven’s doors
Not looking for your mirrored walls
Not looking to pull any strings
We’re just looking for you

Jack's now Yakov Halevi, and our friendship really grew
He’s got a nice place in the Old City,
Where he’s just looking for you. 
Still a big fan of the Yankees, and a Harvard alumni too
But his grand-kids are keeping shabbos
And singing this song about you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Those Were the Nights Yeshiva Boys Choir YBC Eli Gerstner

I just think that the kids in this video are genuinely having a good time. In most of these kid music videos, they might be smiling, but you don't get the feeling that they're enjoying themselves. I like this one. Happy Chanukah!

Bubby burned the Latkes every Chanukah
Forgot them in the frying pan each year
While we were having fun playing Dreidle
Smoke alarms were wailing everywhere
Firemen were breaking all the windows
Zeidy closed his eyes, began to pray
Those Latkes had no luck
Our mouths bit down and stuck
But Bubby made us eat them anyway

Those were the nights of Chanukah
I remember long ago
When our family got together
Little eyes aglow
Multi-colored candles burning
As the joyous songs were sung
How I miss the Menorah lights
When we were all so young
Uncle Jake bought donuts by the dozen
He warned us that Aunt Bertha couldn’t bake
But Uncle Hymie ate while singing Maoz Tzur
And that was Uncle Hymie's big mistake
Our parents stood there beaming as they called us
And handed us the presents one by one
Bathed in the light
The Menorah burning bright
Sweet memories as brilliant as the sun


Where are those nights, full of fun, full of lights
I can still hear their laughter and songs
But though they are gone, their spirit still lives on
For Bubby's love is still alive and strong


Those were the nights of Chanukah
Spent with family and friends
Filled with dreams and laughter
That we thought would never end
So cherish your moments together
It’s what Bubby would have done
And we wish a happy Chanukah
To everyone

Unity - A song for Sholom Rubashkin

This is MBD's Unity, modified for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, sung by every name in Jewish Music (You can see a blurry Benny Friedman behind Rebbetzin Rubashkin at the beginning of the video). Sholom is still in prison.....efforts are still under way to get him released........if you can, please donate!

Unity by MBD Mordechai ben David Jewish Music Lyrics

Unity by MBD

Like angels in the sky in a garden full of Glory
A galaxy so brilliantly related
Ultimately high on the first page of our story
Until the time our parents were created.

Envious brother Cain
Threw a blow so mad and chilling
Tragically he never did recover
It’s really so insane all our selfishness that’s killing
That stranger who’s our sister and our brother.

Listen brothers, listen friends
Just a little smile a helping hand
And we all will find a loving and kind humanity.
We must teach our children to
Treat your fellow friend like they were you
And our souls will find such peace of mind and unity.

Ages rushing by writing chapters full of sorrow
Webs of self destruction we are weaving
We don’t even try, there’s no hope for our tomorrow
‘cuz what’s it all worth if we are not achieving.


But one thing makes me smile
Now at last a happy ending
A universal union undivided
In just a little while we will join the angels singing
With peace and love across the world united.

Dollar Bill by Megama Moshe Yess and Sholom Levine Jewish Music Lyrics

One of my favorite Megama songs. Especially with Sholom Levine on the violin, or singing it around the couch at the spontaneous kumzitz... 

Dollar Bill

One day a dollar bill went floating through the air
It flew into a synagogue and no one else was there
It landed on the Bimah and it tried to go to sleep,
But from the Aron Kodesh a voice began to speak.

“Who is in my synagogue?” the dollar bill said “I.
I’ve come here from America, there’s nothing I can’t buy
That’s why people worship me now tell me who are you?”
“My name is the Torah and all I say is true.”

“Tell me, tell me Torah, why do you seem so sad?
You live in this nice synagogue, I think you should be glad.”
“I’ve always lived with Israel,” the Torah did reply
“And my people do not listen, and I just wonder why.”

The dollar bill was laughing as it flew into the air
It flew into the street and some people gathered there,
Everyone was jumping up to get it in their hand
Everyone was jumping up in the Promised Land.

And somewhere in the synagogue very late at night
There burned an olive oil lamp, it’s the eternal light,
And from the Aron Kodesh a cry is heard once more
And if you look real close you can see the tear drops on the floor.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We've Got a Strong Desire by Shlock Rock Lenny Solomon Jewish Music Lyrics

Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain,
Noah's Ark, Flood of Rain,
Terach, Idols, Haran dies,
Abraham leaves home.

Sarah, Isaac, Brit Milah,
Angels visit, Akeida,
War of Kings, Salty Wife,
Rescue in Sodom.

Yitzchak, Rivkah, Twins inside,
Jacob, Birthright, Isaac's Blind,
Stolen Blessing, Esav Cried,
Angel's ladder to the sky.

Rachel's beauty, Yaakov's hitched,
Lavan, Leah, daughter switched,
Four Wives, twelve Tribes,
Near Beit Lechem, Rachel Dies.

We've got a strong desire,
We are always yearning
for the Torah's Learning.
We've got a strong desire,
We will stay united,
never be divided.

Colored Coat, Brothers hate,
Sold to Egypt, Head of State,
Famine, grain, Goblet Test,
Brothers Reunite.

New King, Jews are slaves,
Moshe's born, princess saves,
Yitro's daughters, burning bush,
Aaron joins the fight.

Ten Plagues, Jews free,
Splitting of the Red Sea,
Amalek, Torah given,
Golden Calf, Jews Forgiven,

Korach, forty years,
Balak, Bilaam, Pinchas spears.
Moshe Leaves, Jews Grieve,
Joshua's the new chief.


Jordan river, Jericho,
Walls fall, Shofar Blow,
Devorah, Shimshon, Shmuel, Saul,
David, Stone, Goliath Fall.

Solomon, Temple built,
Civil war, blood spilt,
Eliyahu, Elisha,
Yishayahu, Yirmiyah.

Purim, Esther, Mordechai,
Beit Hamikdosh second time,
Antiochos, bad decrees,
Judah and the Macabees.

Temple Two burnt down,
Exile all around,
Shamai, Hillel, Betar,
Bar Kochva, Akiva's star.


Mishna, Gemara, Karai,
Rav Yehuda Hanasi,
Rashi, Rabbeinu Tam,
Baalei Tosfot, Rashbam.

Rambam, Sefer Mada,
Inquisition, Torquemada,
Baal Shem Tov, Kuzari,
Vilna Gaon, Shabtai Zvi.

Maharal, Libelists,
Golem, Prague, Kabbalists,
Chmelnitzky, Shtetl life,
Haskalah, Internal Strife.


Hitler, Aushwitz, Holocaust,
Krystalnacht, Six Million lost,
Herzl, Balfour, Promised Land,
U.N.Vote, Partition Plan.

Nurenberg, Ben Gurion,
Six Day War, Moshe Dayan,
Golda Meir, Wall Reclaimed,
Yom Kippur, Entebbe Raid.

Olympics, Munich, Athletes shot,
Carter, Begin and Sadat.
Iron Curtain, Lebanon,
Scharansky Free, Rav Moshe Gone,

Jews from Ethiopia,
Glastnost, Russian Yeshiva,
Intafada, We wont bow,
We want Moshiach now!

The Crack of Dawn MBD Mordechai ben David Jewish Music Lyrics

Trembling in the darkness
A battle field, who knows
The soldier crawls ahead
For behind him someone goes
Oh heaven!
Pounding is his heartbeat
He whispers words of prayer
It seems that all his life
In a flash may disappear

Wait the crack of dawn
As it greets the weary trooper
Now his comrades he can see
Reunited all for victory
And there beneath the sun
In a moment he has conquered
All his fear just slipped away
Like the night so swiftly turned to day

Trembling in the darkness
Praying for the light
It seems it may never come
At the darkest of the night
Oh yes!
This galus it surrounds us
A battle field who knows
We slowly inch a head
We believe its really close

Wait the crack of dawn
Bright horizon soon the sunshine
Yes Moshiach’s on his way
All the grief the sorrow slipped away
The past is but a dream
In Yerushalyim the bais hamikdosh
Yes this golus slipped away
Like the night so swiftly turned to day

Young and old dancing everywhere
We believed it all
Have been (heaven) standing tall
Eternal paradise, euphoria
The past is but a dream
In Yerushalyim, the bais hamikdosh
Yes this golus slipped away
Like the night so swiftly turned to day
Pain so long forgotten,
night forever gone
Now here it is
the crack of dawn

The Little Bird is Calling Tzlil Vzemer Boys Choir Wake Up Yidden Jewish Music Lyrics Camp Gan Yisroel

The Little Bird is Calling

First recorded by Tzlil V'Zemer Boys Choir
Album: Wake Up Yidden

Composed at Camp Gan Israel

The little bird is calling,
It wishes to return.
The little bird is wounded,
It cannot fly but yearn.
It’s captured by the vultures,
Crying bitterly,
Oh, to see my nest again,
Oh, to be redeemed.

The little bird of silver,
So delicate and rare,
Still chirps amongst the vultures,
Outshining all that’s there.
How long, how long it suffers,
How long will it be,
When will come the eagle,
And set the little bird free.

The little bird is Yisroel,
The vultures are our foes,
The painful wound is Golus,
Which we all feel and know,
The nest is Yerushalayim,
Where we yearn to be once more,
The eagle is the Moshiach,
Whom we are waiting for.

Rain 8th Day Shmuli Marcus and Bentzy Marcus Jewish Music Lyrics Tracht Gut


Composed by S. Marcus, 8th Day
Album: Tracht Gut

Wishes unspoken
Desires unknown
A child cries in the darkness of her own
She’s wishin
she’s hopin
dreamin’ of a time
just to feel a tear of joy

So take this blessing from me
as your miracle is born
and the answer to your prayer shines tonight
may the heavens swing open
let all your heart's desires
rain down on you

I lift my hands above your head
your miracles approachin
your tearful eyes
ever dry
yet behold the sunshine
and soon
dancin’ to happy news

Early to bed is early to rise,
you’ve seen bad
now you’re waitin’ for your prize
But you’re broken
You’re shattered
life trembles below
and I know how you feel so alone

So take this blessing from me
as your miracle is born
and the answer to your prayer shines tonight

I lift my hands above your head
your miracles approachin
your tearful eyes
never dry
yet behold the sunshine
and soon we'll all be dancing
to happy news

Just One Shabbos MBD Mordechai ben David Title Track Jewish Music Lyrics

Just One Shabbos

Mordechai Ben David
Album: Just One Shabbos

The Western Wall on Friday night
His first time ever there
Strapped into his knapsack
With his long and curly hair
He stood there for a while,
Broke out with a smile
Emotion overwhelming joy with tears

The men were dancing there
Their hearts so full of love
They sang such happy tunes
To thank the One Above
For showing them the way
For giving them a day
To rest rejoice with peace of mind to pray

Just one Shabbos and we’ll all be free
Just one Shabbos come and join with me
We’ll sing and dance to the sky
With our spirits so high
We’ll show them all it’s true
Let them come and join us too

I said hello my friend
You seem to be amused
He said much more than that
I am a bit confused
I know I am a Jew
I was "bar mitzvah-ed" too
But Shabbos in our home who ever knew

He asked to join with us
To understand and see
He spent some time with us
In total ecstasy
Next Shabbos came along
His feelings grew so strong
He first began to feel that he belonged

He found this treasure
Made some changes in his life
A brand new family his children and his wife
They learn new things each day
To live the Torah way
The message of the Shabbos they will relay

Now every Friday night they go down to the Wall
Invite some people home and they will tell them all
We’ll teach you this new song
So join and sing along
And soon we’ll all be free it won’t be long

My Zeidy Megama Moshe Yess and Shalom Levine Jewish Music Lyrics

My Zayde

Moshe Yess

My Zayde lived with us in my parents’ home,
He used to laugh, he put me on his knee.
He spoke about his life in Poland,
He spoke, but with a bitter memory.

He spoke about the soldiers who would beat him;
They laughed at him, they tore his long black coat.
And he spoke about a synagogue that they burned down,
And the crying that was heard beneath the smoke.

But Zayde made us laugh,
Zayde made us sing,
And Zayde made a kiddush Friday night;
And Zayde, oh, my Zayde,
How I loved him so,
And Zayde used to teach me wrong from right. 

His eyes lit up when he would teach me Torah,
He taught me every line so carefully.
He spoke about our slavery in Egypt,
And how G-d took us out to make us free.

But winter went by,
Summer came along,
I went to camp to run and play.
And when I came back home, 
They said, “Zayde’s gone,”
And all his books were packed and stored away.

I don’t know how or why it came to be,
It happened slowly over many years,
We just stopped being Jewish
like my Zayde was,
And no one cared enough to shed a tear.


But many winters went by,
And many summers came along,
And now my children sit in front of me.
And who will be the Zayde of my children,
Who will be their Zayde, if not me?

Who will be the Zaydes of our children,
Who will be their Zaydes, if not we?

Our Holy House Tzlil Vzemer Camp Gan Yisroel from Wake Up Yidden Lyrics

Our Holy House

Our Holy House
Tzlil Vzemer Wake up Yidden

Our Holy House in ruins and flames,
Only one wall of it remains,
The wall that outlasted all the rest,
The Kosel Hamaarovi on the west.

Throughout the years every day
Thousands of Jews at the wall do pray,
Their tearful eyes to heaven gaze,
Hoping the rest will soon be raised.

Our symbol of courage, of faith and of hope,
Giving us strength with the Golus to cope,
Rousing our hopes that bimheirah t'will be,
The walls of the Mikdash Hashlishi.

(Throughout the years...)