Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Abie Rotenberg HASC A Time for Music #4

All it takes is one small candle
One small flickering shining candle
That is all it takes to penetrate the dark
All it takes is one soft word
One soft soothing gentle word
That is all it takes to mend a broken heart

When we/if we/let's all put our hearts and minds together
A thousand glowing candles burning bright
Then we/we'll become a force that can’t be measured
And together we/we'll (can) drive away the night

All it takes is one small tear o
One small glistening earnest tear
That is all takes to melt a heart of stone
All it takes is one bright smile
One sweet caring loving smile
That it is all it really takes to know you’re not alone


Let’s raise our voices in harmony
Someday soon we’ll all be free
If only we could all stand together

All we have is one small dream
One small glorious hopeful dream
That is all we’ve ever had to help to pull us through
All we ask for is one more miracle
One last long awaited miracle
That is all we need to make our dreams come true


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